Free 9 Best Video Players for Android Device

Free 9 Best Video Players for Android Device

Who does not like to watch movies, TV shows? Well, nowadays watching videos has become a primary resource for entertainment purposes. In the past, people used to watch videos of low quality in their phones but things have changed now. 

In today’s generation, smartphones have got their players! But still if one wants to get the best video player according to his/her needs then they are this the right place. Here one will get to know of the most downloaded Android video players that can be used for free.

9 Best Android Video Players for Free

Here is the compilation of one of the most renowned media players for android that will entirely fulfill the user’s demands. These media players support almost every format. There is also a network streaming feature that provides the users with subtitles and also perfect playback control.  

Here are the names of the best video players with their features and some other important information so that the reader can choose according to their needs.

  1. MX Player

    MX Player
    MX player is one of the most famous video player for android. Rarely there will be a person who does not know of the MX player. The interface is excellent and user friendly. One can play almost every video he/she likes.

    The MX player provides its users with some good features and it also has got the capability of multi-code decoding. They also have got some extra features with the plugins. One of the best features that it provides is the subtitles. 

    One can easily use the MX player. It can scroll forward and backward. Videos can also be zoomed in and out easily. One good feature is the screen lock.

    Prominent Features of MX Player-
    – They provide users with some excellent and pleasing playback features.
    – Audio boost.
    – One can also play network streams.
    – If one wants to change the ratio of the video they can do that manually.
    – Screen lock is also provided so that one does not get disturbed by children touching the screen and changing anything.
    – There are several swipes and pinch gestures that make it easy to use.
    – They have a lot of features like zoom in and out of the video, forward/ backward, gestures, and more.

    Download from Play Store
  2. VLC Player

    VLC Player
    Here is another popular media player. VLC is the most downloaded android video player that is free and also does not contain any kind of irritating ads. Users can use VLC for playing both audio and video files. Many types of formats of videos can be run smoothly on the VLC player. 

    This player supports Media library organization, adaptive surfing, and much more. they have provided the users with fantastic features plus the design is very eye-catching. Users can play multiple tracks and have a good power of the sound basing on gestures. 

    Prominent Features of VLC Player-
    – They provide a good set of 5 bands built-in stabilizers.
    – VLC is a free android video player and also does not have irritating ads.
    – No in-app purchases will disturb the users.
    – It supports subtitles, forward/backward, changing the size of text, and several more necessary features.
    – They provide the gesture facility to zoom in and out of the videos.
    – VLC runs with network stream, network shares, and also drives.
    – The VLC media player supports nearly video format from 360-degree to 8K videos format.

    Download from Play Store
  3. PlayerExtreme


    PlayerExtreme is also among the most used players. It comes with a built-in subtitle downloader. This player can sync the subtitles, stream audios, and more directly from the website or else the PC. This player is much more secure as it keeps the videos in a private folder. This player is also able to play almost every format of videos and audios. 

    One can control the playing progress, volume, and brightness. It is very easy to use and it stores the files according to name, size, and dates.

    Prominent Features of PlayerExtreme-
    – This player is supporting nearly every format of videos.
    – Has the capability to stream all the media to a device.
    – It allows organizing the music, photos, and videos.
    – It also allows sharing music, videos, and much more by social media.
    – One can use the TED talks, sources, NPR, and hence get the online content by the aid of the browser feature.
    – Users can also add lyrics and songs.
    – PlayerExtreme supports TXT, SRT, SMI, SAA formats.

    Download from Play Store
  4. KM Player

    KM Player

    Here comes one of the best video player for android in the market for the media player. KM Player plays various file formats and codecs. It has some features like one-finger gesture volume control, supports subtitles, brightness, and also the playback speed control. 

    Prominent Features of KM Player-
    – Supports slow-motion playback.
    – It can be easily controlled with gestures.
    – One can share the media easily.
    – The mobile view of subtitles.
    – One can also play local and online 3D videos on it.
    – Km Player has got advanced audio processing features.

    Download from Play Store
  5. XPlayer


    XPlayer is one of the best mater players. This player can run almost every format of videos like ultra-videos, 4K videos, and much more.  This player also supports most of the video codecs and also supports chrome. One can use it to watch HD videos on phones and tabs. 

    Prominent Features of XPlayer-
    – One can use this player to run 3GP, AVI, RMVB, WMV, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, and many more kinds of formats.
    – This player will help to accelerate hardware.
    – It has got some latest features like night mode, quick mute, and more.
    – Users can share the files and manage them too.

    Download from Play Store
  6. FX Player

    FX Player

    FX player is also one of the most popular players that is more inclined towards mobile UX. The interface is also good and it has got a lot of fascinating features. FX player also supports almost every video format. While using the player as a floating window one can still resize it and also have good control of the playback.

    Prominent Features of FX Player-
    – FX Player supports video formats of MP4, FLV, ASF, MPG, AVI, and many more.
    – Users can control the brightness, speed, forward/ backward, zoom in and zoom out, and many more things easily.
    – It also supports many audio formats.
    – It scans the SD card and video files automatically.

    Download from Play Store
  7. OPlayer HD

    OPlayer HD

    The OPlayer also supports most of the file formats and is a renowned player in the market. One can also have subtitles at the time of watching movies. The interface of the player is user friendly.

    Prominent Features of OPlayer-
    – One can play files remotely on the computers without even downloading and also can have the mode of single hand so that they could have control over the playback.
    – There are multiple ways to transfer files like Wifi and USB.
    – This is a free video player for android.
    – It has a built-in file manager.

    Download from Play Store
  8. nPlayer


    nPlayer is among the best video players for android. All the formats of videos run on this player smoothly and even users don’t have to convert the videos files. 

    Prominent Features of nPlayer-
    – Importing videos from Google Drive, Yandex, dropbox, cloud service, and more.
    – One can enjoy the 3D mode.

    Download from Play Store
  9. CnX Player

    CnX Player

    CnX media player can be a great choice as it aids to stop too much battery drainage of the device. It has got some excellent features.

    Prominent Features of CnX Player-
    – Users can control the playback speed.
    – One can also manage the library and history of played videos.

    Download from Play Store