Teslas Make Weird Noises, but That’s Apparently Normal

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Tesla Model 3 for 2022

If you’ve ever heard some wild noises or clunking sounds coming from your Tesla, chances are it’s completely normal. With so few moving parts compared to traditional gas vehicles, many owners hear a sound and instantly get worried.

Now, Tesla has updated its owner’s manual with “normal operating sounds” to set the record straight and prevent owners from bringing a vehicle in for unnecessary maintenance requests.

New Tesla owners get concerned when they hear the vehicle’s weird sound while backing up, fan noises while parked, or even some of the clicks or clunk noises these cars occasionally make. Here’s what you need to know.

This week Tesla updated the owner’s manual with eight odd sound clips. Each one represents “normal operating sounds” and shouldn’t be of any concern. The sounds are listed under Climate Controls and Temperature Regulation,” “Battery and Charging,” “Driving,” and “Wheels, Tires, and Brakes.” 

The electric vehicle maker explains these noises with fun names, including humming, wooshing, whirring, clicking, thumping, clunking, banging, popping, creaking, and cranking. It even defines when or where you’ll hear them.

For example, Tesla owners may hear a clicking, clunking, or thumping sound from the vehicle floor, even when parked. The company explains it by saying, “when parked, Model S opens the HV battery contactors to help conserve energy. This sound occurs when you start the vehicle after it’s been parked, and signifies that the high voltage contactors are closing the circuit between your vehicle and the battery.”

Each unique sound coming from a Tesla vehicle now has an explanation in the owner’s manual. So, don’t be alarmed the next time you hear a concerning fan or clunk sound while sitting at an EV charger.

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