DU Recorder for PC – Download for Windows & MAC

DU Recorder for PC – Download for Windows & MAC

The DU Recorder for PC, Windows, and MAC is such an application that allows its users to screen record HD videos from the user’s phone’s screen or the PC screen. One can record anything whether it’s surfing on the net or playing games, video chatting, or sharing of work. So this DU application gives access to the users to virtually record everything they want to.

Users can also edit the video with the tool that the DU recorder provides after they are done with recording the video. This application is till now only for the phones but one can still download, install, and use it for pc just by following some easy steps. This DU recorder can be very useful for the recording of presentations, demonstrations, and many other such works.

Until now the developers have not made their pc version but need not worry about that as there are applications called emulators that can help to install this application on PC. They allow mobile applications to run on PC so one can enjoy the apps that they use to enjoy in their phones, right from their PC too.

Why DU Recorder?

  • With a variety of video resolutions available, you can choose resolution based on your need, space available, or data speed criteria.
  • RTMP addresses are also compatible that makes live streams even better.
  • Options to change or set your privacy settings to meet privacy needs or prevent the illicit recording.
  • Numerous in-built tools to cater to every need for an online or offline requirement for video or image editing needs.

Features of DU Recorder App

  • To share the steps to do a particular task to someone else by recording the whole process on a given device and then sharing the video file.
  • To live stream your desktop screen directly to any social media platform like live-streaming your gameplay on YouTube.
  • Use it to record online videos that are not downloadable such as online video lectures or TV shows and can be accessed or shared with others.
  • With built-in screenshot and image editing feature, one can edit images before sharing on other platforms and reDUces the need to use another software or application for image editing.
  • Use it as a video editing tool with numerous features that make it an all-in-one package to all your needs.
  • DU screen recorder for pc and other devices allows its users to have total control over the pitch of the sound in the recorded video.
  • One can also edit these videos by cropping them and adding beautiful graphics and sound to it.
  • Once done with the editing users can share these videos on their social media accounts or just save in the phone’s gallery.
Latest Version of APK Download of DU Recorder

File Name: DU Recorder
Developer: DU Recorder Team
Operating System Supported: Windows, MAC, and Android
File Size: 17.0 MB
Download LINK

Download and Install the DU Recorder on PC

Here are some easy steps that one can follow to download the DU Recorder app and install it on your PC. Follow these steps given below-

  • First and foremost one needs to get the emulator application on their PC to run the DU recorder app smoothly. One can choose the BlueStacks or the Nox as these are one of the best emulators available for free. These emulators let the users enjoy all the mobile applications on their PC.
  • So as one is done by installing the emulator application on their pc then they need to sign in on it using their G-mail account. After this is done go to the homepage and search for the DU recorder app on it. Then download the DU recorder app and install it on the PC.
  • Wait till the application gets installed on the PC.
  • After it gets installed then open it from the play store and use it.

People often have this question: Is it Safe to use the DU Recorder?

Yes! Don’t worry it is safe and secure to use the DU recorder. It provides high-quality video recording of the screen of phones and PC. But if still, one is not satisfied and still has some issues to go for this then those users should go with its alternatives.

Installing DU Recorder (using Nox App)

  1. First of all, install the Nox because it will help in the installing of the DU recorder. 
  2. The Nox is an emulator application that allows users to install the android apps in pc and run them smoothly. Once the Nox is downloaded then install it on the PC. 
  3. Make a Google account in the Nox.
  4. After that search for the DU recorder apk from the search bar by typing its name. 
  5. Now you can download the DU recorder app.
  6. Once done with the installation on the pc user can enjoy using it.

How to Download the DU Recorder for Mac

This is a very helpful application in recording the mobile pc screens. One can download and use this on their Mac too. There are some simple steps to download and install it on the Mac. But before that one will require an emulator to help to install it so be sure to install the emulator. Do choose a good emulator like the Nox or else the BlueStacks. Now let’s go to the steps-

  1. As said before one will require the emulator so download the emulator first.
  2. As soon as it gets downloaded install it on the Mac.
  3. As the emulator gets installed open it and log in to it by the Google account. 
  4. After done with the logging in then from the home page go to the search bar and search for the DU recorder app.
  5. Once found the DU recorder app click on it and download it.
  6. After that install the DU recorder in the PC.
  7. This might take time so wait till it gets installed. 
  8. After the installation is completed one can enjoy the DU recorder from their Mac too!

So these were some easy steps to install the DU recorder for the Mac. Though the DU recorder is still meant to be only for the android phones but still can be run and used smoothly on the PC and Mac too. It is safe to use them on Mac.

Why should one use a DU recorder for Windows 10/8/7 and the Mac?

DU Recorder for PC is a famous application that can be very useful to record videos and also edit them. One can very easily use this application to record the screen of their phone in high quality. Till now the DU recorder is not available for the pc but still one can use it on their pc with the help of emulators.

Emulators are the application that helps to run the android applications on the pc smoothly. If one is done with the installation of the DU screen recorder for PC then they can easily record the Facebook live, YouTube’s live, or else that they want to record from their pc in HD quality. So this is how one can use a DU recorder for windows and other operating systems.

One can also after recording the videos edit them as the DU recorder also has a tool to edit videos.

Though it is not made by the programmers to run DU screen recorder on PC or Mac but still once can use them in pc and Mac with the help of an emulator.