LAAS O-lock smart bike lock works with an app that lets you unlock, track, and share it

Keep your eyes on your bike wherever you go with the LAAS O-lock smart bike lock. Its convenient design suits on-the-go modern lifestyles, integrating with an app that gives you all the information you need. Via Bluetooth connectivity, it displays where your bicycle is located. Plus, it allows you to smoothly share your encrypted keys with a friend or family member with a click on your phone. Moreover, this keyless bike lock boasts a 3-year battery life and allows you to unlock it through the app. Not only is it simple and easy to operate, but it also has a minimalist aesthetic with a completely round design. It blends in with your bicycle while offering you a secure keyless solution that’s made of hardened stainless steel. Plus, its shackle measures 10 mm in diameter, making it a challenge to cut through. Share, unlock, and track your bike from your phone!

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