Zectron Folding eBike has an incredible week-long battery life and 150-mile range

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Enjoy a super-long battery life when you go for the Zectron Folding eBike. It charges only once and then lasts for a full week’s worth of rides! Furthermore, it offers a maximum range of 150 miles, so you can go far. Designed with great looks, this functional and safe electric bike has a unibody design as well as comfort suspension. You’ll enjoy an incredible riding experience no matter the terrain, and the anti-theft system keeps your ride safe. Moreover, it has dynamic rear suspension and anti-shock technology, both of which work together to make riding so comfortable. In fact, its seat-stay suspends the saddle to soak up any jolts from the road, giving you a smooth effortless ride. Additionally, it has a magnesium-alloy frame for performance and durability. And its built-in GPS tracker lets you check its location, lock it, and get alerts of unusual activities through the Zectron app.


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