Devialet Mania hi-fi portable smart speaker has 360° stereo sound for pure audio bliss

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Take your audio experience one step further with the Devialet Mania Hi-Fi portable smart speaker. This speaker entertains 360° stereo sound in a portable form factor. Additionally, it offers a more spontaneous and more adaptable sound experience. Devialet Mania also offers a soundstage that morphs and adapts to any physical space. It also elicits an expansive 360° stereo sound. There’s also dual streaming capabilities so that you have the choice to select between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When indoors, you can easily connect via Wi-Fi to use Spotify Connect and Airplay 2 (for Apple users). And when you take Devialet Mania outdoors, you can auto-activate Bluetooth. Finally, the acoustic architecture of the device is also commendable. It boasts four full-range speakers that cover the entire audio spectrum from bass to medium to treble.


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