Xeric Scrambler automatic wandering hour watch has an eye-catching and intriguing display

Offering a striking display, the Xeric Scrambler automatic wandering hour watch is sure to turn heads. More common in high-end luxury watches, the wandering-hour design tells time in a new and unusual way. Created after years of development, this unique 3-armed timepiece is a limited-edition piece. While it may look complicated, it’s actually quite easy to read the time. Simply look at where the hour meets the minutes in the viewing window. As time passes, the next hour comes into view, and the Geneva Gear mechanism shifts the hands to their next position. Powered by a proprietary automatic wandering hour movement, the watch never requires batteries and will never die as you wear it. Furthermore, the Scrambler takes design cues from vintage 1970s watch cases—with modern manufacturing and finishing precision. Finally, its tiered layering creates a sense of depth that gives the impression the hands are excavating into the dial.

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