Go!Sign reusable sign kit is also interchangeable, portable, collapsible & weatherproof

Make sure what you want to say is seen when you have the Go!Sign reusable sign kit. Made entirely of waterproof nylon, this sign kit is interchangeable, collapsible, portable, and weatherproof. Using nylon hook-and-loop technology, it allows you to attach letters, numbers, symbols, and emoticons. In fact, you’ll get more than 150 of them to create signs anywhere you go. So much better than those bulky posterboard signs that are difficult to transport, this poster-making supply set is great for kids and adults alike. Plus, it doesn’t end up in the trash! In fact, it expands from a small 9-inch disc to a large 19″ by 24″ portable sign. Overall, it can hold up to 60 characters on 5 lines of text. And then it folds down to fit in your backpack or bag for transport!

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