SWIFF natural odor protection guards materials from bad odors for at least 5 washes

Keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh with the natural odor protection of SWIFF. Lasting a really long time, SWIFF can actually protect materials from bad odors for at least 5 washes! That’s at a minimum, though, as it can even boast odor protection for more than 50 machine washes. Backed by peer-reviewed science, it works on any fabric and most other surfaces. With just 1 bottle, you can protect 15+ shirts or pairs of shoes, 20+ plushies, 30+ socks, 4+ towels or bath mats, 30+ masks, 10+ gym bags, 3+ yoga mats, or 5+ pet beds. Think of all the things around your home that will no longer smell with this pet-safe, kid-safe, hypoallergenic product. Furthermore, its TSA-compliant design makes it safe for planes. Overall it’s free from synthetic chemicals, PFAS, parabens, propellants, aluminum, zinc, manoparticles, and microparticles.

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