Steps to Connect Google Files With DigiLocker to Access Govt ID

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At the Google For India 2022 event this year, Google India announced some cool new features coming to Indian users, like searching medicines in a doctor’s prescription, or searching inside a YouTube video, with the help of ML and AI. Another important feature announced is the DigiLocker Integration in Google Files app making it easy to access important files and documents on the go. In this explainer, we will help you connect your DigiLocker account to the Google Files app.

What is Digilocker and Files by Google integration?

At the Google for India 2022 event, Google announced a partnership with the National eGovernance Division (NeGD) for DigiLocker integration in the Google Files app on Android. This allows you to easily access important documents like your Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license, and other such important documents directly from the Files app. This will eliminate the need to store such important documents in the Gallery app, and scroll through thousands of photos and videos saved in your gallery. The integration is private and secure and requires a screen lock to access these files.

Steps to connect DigiLocker with the Files app

The Google Files app comes installed by default on most Android phones, In order to connect your Digilocker with the Google Files app, follow the simple steps mentioned below. Just make sure you have an account on Digilocker or else you need to create it first.

1. Open the Google Files app and switch to the Verified tab.

2. Here, tap on the Connect to Digilocker option.

Connect DigiLocker in Google Files

3. Now you need to sign in to your DigiLocker Account, or create a new account using your mobile number.

Connect DigiLocker in Google Files

4. Once logged in, you can see your documents uploaded in DigiLocker, and categorized as Verified, ID cards, and Health Cards tab.

Connect DigiLocker in Google Files

Steps to Access DigiLocker Documents in Files app

Since the documents stored in Digilocker, are sensitive and should be secured, Google has introduced a lock screen as a layer of security under the verified tab in the Files by Google app. In order to view your Digilocker documents, follow the detailed steps given below.

1. Launch the Google Files app, switch to the Verified/Important tab, and tap on the Unlock button.

Connect DigiLocker in Google Files

2. Now, your need to enter the Lock screen pattern.

3. Once verifying the lock screen pattern, you can access all your documents stored in Digilocker.


Q: What is DigiLocker Integration in Files?

A: Google has entered into a partnership with the National eGovernance Division (NeGD) to enable people with easy access to their authentic digital documents, directly from the Files by Google app on Android.

Q: How to Connect my DigiLocker to Google Files App?

A: With the new update, you can connect your DigiLocker account to your Google Files app, follow the steps mentioned above to do so.

Q: When will I get the DigiLocker Integration Update in Google Files App?

A: The integration will start rolling out to users in India, on Android phones soon. Google has not revealed any timeline for it.

Q: Can I connect DigiLocker with Files on iPhone?

A: No, since the Google Files app is not available on the Apple App store, and the Apple Files app does not allow us to connect to DigiLocker.

Wrapping Up

In this thread, we guided you with steps to connect Digilocker with the Google Files app on Android. With this, you can access all of your important documents uploaded in Digilocker directly in the Files app. This eliminates the need to have a separate Digilocker app on your phone and also makes it simpler to view files in the Files app directly. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such articles, guides, and How To’s.

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