Männkitchen Pepper Cannon is a professional-grade heavy-duty high-output pepper mill

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Make the most of the Männkitchen Pepper Cannon which is about 10X faster than standard pepper mills. This high output pepper mills can pepper your steak in 7 Cranks instead of 70. It also comes with a super wide grind range from cracked pepper to powder. Additional features include oversized bearing supported drive shaft and high carbon stainless steel burrs. In fact, there’s also a quick release top for easy refills. There’s a never-slip adjuster and superior consistency across grind range. You also get a base cup for storage and one handed peppering. With the heavy duty solid milled and anodized aluminum body, this pepper mill will truly be a cool add-on for your kitchen. Breakfast or dinner, you can surely flaunt this new pepper mill anywhere.

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