Steelseries Apex 9 Mini gaming keyboard has custom-built OptiPoint optical switches

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Experience optical speed like never before with the Steelseries Apex 9 Mini gaming keyboard. It comes with custom-built OptiPoint optical switches for faster actuation and zero debounce. Additionally, you can toggle the keystroke actuation point from gaming-grade 1mm to more deliberate 1.5mm. In fact, it also comes with fully swappable switches for customization and longevity. The compact 60% form factor also adds to your overall streamlined gaming setup. There will be more space on your desktop for mice swipes. The 2-point actuation will help you adapt to any game by changing the registration depth. You can easily customize and upgrade to your favorite OptiPoint switch to make it your own. Finally, you can retain all the capabilities of full-size keyboards with side-printed secondary functions. All options remain at your fingertips.


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