Breathings BULO breathing training assistant tracks and improves your lung health

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Track your lung health with the Breathings BULO breathing training assistant. Developed to help you constantly measure and monitor your lung health, this lightweight health device shows you how your lungs are performing. Using BULO AI, this gadget analyzes the measurement data of your lungs’ function. Then, it provides personalized breathing exercises by adjusting the intensity and speed of the exercise. Ideal for respiratory patients who suffer from lung diseases, it’s easy to use. Simply breathe normally into BULO, and it’ll share an accurate measurement of inhalation and exhalation. Based on the collected data, it helps you improve your lung capacity and health anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it’s great for athletes, musicians, dancers, those living in a polluted environment, and more. It can even help anxious individuals to regulate their breathing. If you’re going to invest in anything, make it your health.

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