Soltech Aspect LED Growlight indoor plant light is a pendant that looks great anywhere

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Enhance your living space, and give your plants the rays they need, with the Soltech Aspect LED Growlight indoor plant light. This pendant-style light lets you add some plants to your home’s décor even if you don’t have the natural light for it. In fact, it adds a sophisticated touch to your space that’s beloved by interior designers and growers alike! Choose from a large or small size depending on your wattage needs—20 or 40. With a 15-year lifespan, this handbuilt light stands the test of time. So you can be sure it’ll be there for your plants for years. Set it up with ease by simply mounting it and plugging in the 15-foot fabric cord. Moreover, it has a solid aluminum body for both durability and elegance. Finally, it comes with an outlet timer so you can schedule when it should turn on and off.

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