D’Artisan Shoppe WetNDri Wet Palette for paints has a 2-in-1 design for wet and dry use

Keep your paints as wet or dry as you like when you have the D’Artisan Shoppe WetNDri Wet Palette. Great for you as you paint your miniatures, it prevents your paint from drying out before you finish. Thanks to its lid, it saves leftover paint for your next session! Use it for all types of media, as the 2-in-1 design is ideal for artists thanks to its organized setup. With a stylish look, it has a low-profile construction for easy brush access. This makes it easy to paint longer as it’s less tiring for you and your hands. Plus, it has 18 wells for paint, metallic, or ink. Thanks to their sloping design, the wells also work for watercolor paints! Finally, it has a brush rest stand that lets you keep your brush tips sharp and in one spot.

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