Sexual abuse claims against Oilers owner Daryl Katz withdrawn

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual abuse. 

A case that claimed Edmonton Oilers owners Daryl Katz had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a former Boston Ballet dancer has been withdrawn because it was confirmed she was not a minor at the time of the relationship, according to Sportsnet.

Back in July, a civil court case was filed in the United States alleged that Katz paid a teenage dancer $75,000 in exchange for “her sexual favors.” The case was filed in response to a sexual abuse lawsuit launched by seven aspiring ballerinas in 2021 against Mitchell Taylor Button, a dance teacher, and his wife Dusty Button, once a principal member of The Boston Ballet. 

Katz denied the claim, as did Sage Humphries, the dancer with whom he was allegedly involved. The claims about Katz’s sexual relationship with Humphries came from the Buttons rather than Humphries herself.

“There has never been a sexual relationship of any kind between Mr. Katz and Ms. Humphries,” Katz’s lawyer, Robert Klieger, said in an email. He also noted that the allegations “are not being made by Ms. Humphries,” but rather by the Buttons themselves, “who Ms. Humphries and six other women have accused of exploiting their position of power and influence in the dance world to sexually abuse young dancers across the country.”

A copy of Humphries’ California diver’s license, which was verified by her attorney’s office, displays a birthdate of Oct. 3, 1997, which would have made her 18 during her alleged interaction with Katz.

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