Replace all your fromage knifes with just 1—the Revel steel cheese knife

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Upgrade your cheese board with the Revel cheese knife. It combines 3 blades and a fork in a high-quality steel design made in France.

Make serving cheese easier with the Revel Cheese Knife. This fromage knife replaces multiple cheese knives with its clever 3-blades-and-1-fork design.

Revel cheese knife product design

Love cheese plates? Then you know you need a soft cheese knife for Brie, a cleaver for semi-hard cheeses like cheddar, and a spade knife for hard cheeses like Parmesan.

While these knives are helpful, they take up space in your drawers and are a pain to dig out when you need them. That’s where the Revel Cheese comes in. Combining multiple cheese tools, it makes slicing and serving cheese easier. Let’s check it out!

Revel cheese knife product demo

It keeps you prepared for any cheese situation

Cheese is a gastronomic delight. But to enjoy it properly, you must choose your knife wisely because a soft cheese knife isn’t going to be strong enough to slice through a hard Gruyère.

And while a serrated knife is perfect for fresh cheeses, you really need a soft cheese knife for brie.

So if you love cheese, it can feel like you need a closet full of knives. But with the Revel Cheese Knife, all you need is one.

This means you can meet a friend for a cheese picnic in the park and only bring one knife with you. Or, when you have friends for dinner, you only need to get 1 knife to the table.

It cuts out the hassle (pun intended) and stress of serving cheese, so you can sit back and enjoy it.

Revel cheese knife cutting through a block of cheese

Combines 3 blades and a fork

The most important feature of this fromage knife is its 4-in-1 design. It combines 3 blades and one fork, putting all your cheese accessories in your hand.

In one cheese knife, you get a smooth-bladed knife, an ax, and a saw. The smooth-bladed knife can tackle semi-soft cheeses like camembert, while the axe slices through hard cheeses with a crust, like comté.

The saw is ideal for soft, fresh cheese (think chèvre), and the fork, or point, allows you to prime the cuts and pick up cheeses.

Features a handmade steel blade

The creator consulted blacksmiths from Thiers, a French city famous for knife making, to create this high-quality knife.

The business partners settled on a steel blade. It’s made from steel heated to 1976°F in a kiln. The piece is then cut, cold calibrated, and undergoes heat treatments and soaking.

Then, the knife goes to the goldsmith, where it is further calibrated, polished, sharpened, notched, vibrated, and fitted with a handle. Here, the blade also goes through numerous quality controls.

Made from premium material and formed by trade experts, this fromage knife stays sharp and is easy to sharpen. It’s a rare find and a worthwhile addition to any kitchen.

It uses an olive wood handle

For the handles, the creator works with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, a craftsperson who has been awarded the title for excellence in their field. It’s one of France’s highest professional honors.

Together with the craftsperson, the creator selected an olive wood handle. Light-colored and durable, the knife not only cuts well but looks good in your kitchen or at your dining table.

Adds a modern look to your cheese board

And while the Revel cheese knife is made using traditional materials and techniques, it has a modern, innovative look.

That’s due to its matte steel blade and brushed appearance. Further still, the open design and mixture of curved and straight edges lend a steampunk style.

It’s a cheese knife you’ll be proud to bring out to guests because it looks so darn cool!

Cuts other delicacies, not just cheese

Even better, this knife has more uses than just cutting cheese. Thanks to its serrated edge, it can delicately handle foie gras, terrines, and bread.

So it’s the ultimate dinner party accessory, letting you slice and serve pretty much any delicatessan product with style and elegance.

Keeps you safe with the finger guard and other elements

What’s more, this fromage knife includes a finger guard, giving you peace of mind. It extends the bolster and protects the hand by stopping it from slipping on the blade.

Also, the bolster is the mark of high-quality forged knives, keeping the knife balanced. Meanwhile, the rivets permanently attach the handle to the tang, the extension of the blade through the handle. In knife-making, it’s the ultimate guarantee of solidity.

Enhances your at-home parties and get-togethers

Pulling off the perfect cheese board for parties becomes so much easier with a kitchen accessory like the Revel cheese knife. It gives you the necessary cheese blades in 1 elegant design.

And, impressively, the knife has been created with precise attention to detail. The creator has cut no corners, working with experts in their fields and using the best techniques and materials.

The Revel cheese knife is a worthwhile investment if you want to add to your entertaining game or give a great gift to a gourmand

Love the Revel cheese knife? Back for $141.50 on Kickstarter. What’s your favorite kitchen tool? Let us know!

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