Qubo Car Air Purifier Could Be An Ideal Buy For Most Car Owners; Here’s Why


Qubo Car Air Purifier Could Be An Ideal Buy For Car Owners; Here's Why

Qubo, Hero Electronix’s consumer technology brand, has launched a car air purifier in India. The portable air purifier is said to be compatible with any car on Indian roads. It includes some advanced features that are typically found on built-in air purifiers in high-end vehicles. The Qubo car air purifier has three layers of filtration and an automatic air-quality monitoring system built in.
Here’s why this small car accessory might be the best buy for most Indian car owners.

Why Should You Invest In A Car Air Purifier?

If you live in the country’s northern region, particularly in the Delhi-NCR region, you are probably aware of the deteriorating air quality. The AQI level worsens at the end of each year, to the point where the government declares an emergency. For example, the average AQI in Delhi-NCR this week was above 400, which is extremely dangerous for children, the elderly, and people with asthma or other breathing disorders. Even a young, healthy person is vulnerable to harmful air pollutants, as the long-term effects can be fatal.

Air purifiers are a viable solution for combating the negative effects of harmful air pollutants; however, these appliances can only be used at home. Home air purifiers, because they are not portable, cannot provide protection in the open or while driving on Indian roads, which are even more polluted and hazardous to your health. What is the answer?

Car air purifiers may be the solution. Most car manufacturers have begun to offer built-in air purifiers; however, it is still considered a luxury and is only available in high-end models. Kia, for example, includes an air purifier with its X-Line Sonet compact SUV, which costs 15 lacs. Because most car manufacturers follow the same model, buyers have no choice but to expose themselves to harmful air pollutants while driving on Indian roads.

Qubo Car Air Purifier Could Be An Ideal Buy For Car Owners; Here's Why

Qubo Car Air Purifier Pricing, Key Specifications, And Features

This is where the Qubo car air purifier comes in. The portable accessory is priced competitively at ₹2,799, which most car buyers can afford for their well-being if they drive 50-100 kilometers per day. According to the manufacturer, the Qubo car air purifier removes allergens, airborne bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, chemicals emitted from plastics, exhaust fumes, and other toxic pollutants from your car while reducing odors.

The portable car air purifier, like a home air purifier, has a three-layer filtration process: a pre-filter, a True HEPA 13 filter, and a Dynamic Activated Carbon filter. It can remove microscopic particles PM 2.5-10 such as microbes, animal hair, and harmful gases while reducing odors, according to Qubo.

The affordable car air purifier also includes an automatic air quality monitoring system with three mode adjustments, which is typically found on built-in car air purifiers in luxury vehicles. The air purifier includes a TVOC sensor that detects air quality and automatically adjusts fan speed to purify the air inside the vehicle in minutes.

Qubo Car Air Purifier Could Be An Ideal Buy For Car Owners; Here's Why

One Size Fits All Vehicles

It is also worth noting that the car air purifier fits in most cars due to its 7 cm base, which is designed to fit all cup holders. The air purifier has an aluminum alloy body and a low-noise fan to keep noise to a minimum.

Overall, a car air purifier is just as practical as a home air purifier. Even more so in India, where you are more likely to be exposed to harmful gases while driving on Indian roads than in your living room. The Qubo car air purifier is currently on sale for ₹2,690 as part of a limited-time offer. It is available for purchase on all leading online portals like Amazon.in, Quboworld.com, etc, and also across offline channels through Hero Electronix’s dealer outlets.

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