Quatro City interactive storytelling puzzle quest has a one-of-a-kind wooden design

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Enjoy a one-of-a-kind wooden puzzle when you play the Quatro City interactive storytelling puzzle quest. Each piece has a detailed and bright illustration and is soaked with mysteries. It also incorporates a detective quest to solve. Bringing leisure activities to a whole new level, Quatro City adds interaction and activity to puzzle assembling. First, you must assemble the puzzle of the numerous streets of Quatro City. After thoroughly scrutinizing the mazes of Quatro City, you will have all the trump cards you need to solve the mystery that you’ll encounter on the next step. Simply scan the QR code to fully dive into the atmosphere of the town and interact with the game on your device. Furthermore, it tells an involved story in which you not only observe but also appear as a character. Overall, this engaging narrative makes you a participant in the investigation.

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