Meet the plasma air purifier that cleans and deodorizes your air

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Want to breathe fresher, healthier air indoors? Check out the Dr. Airpick air purifier & deodorizer. It removes bacteria and odors, making your environment more comfortable.

Remove odors from your home and eliminate airborne bacteria with the Dr. AirPick air purifier & deodorizer. This innovative air purifier creates a healthier indoor environment using AirPick technology.

Do you notice a smell the moment you walk into your house? Maybe it’s the dog or trash, or perhaps you live in a home where the air’s a bit stale. In any case, you probably want to get rid of it.

And while you tackle the smell, wouldn’t it also be nice to sterilize the air from bacteria? Luckily, a gadget does both, and its name is the Dr. AirPick. It purifies and deodorizes the air, creating a healthier breathing environment.

Remove 99% of airborne bacteria with this plasma purifier

Cold season is already here. But you can combat bacteria in the air with this innovative air purifier. According to its Indiegogo page, this air-cleaning device has been certified to sterilize 99% of various bacteria in the air.

So it could reduce the likelihood of getting sick from someone else in your house, which is pretty valuable.

Keep food fresher and prevent mold

Isn’t it annoying when those fresh oranges you bought suddenly become covered with mold? The Dr. AirPick can prevent that from happening.

The company says that the device has been tested with perishable food (oranges and rice) to examine the time it took for mold to grow on them.

After 5 days, the food in the same room as the Dr. AirPick remained fresh, while the food without any air purification had mold.

Dr. AirPick in a video

Filter out smog and allergens

Then, if you live in an area where smog is an issue, you’ll be happy to know that this innovative air purifier cleans both dust and smoke from the air, leaving your home refreshed and cleansed.

And if you suffer from seasonal or chronic allergies, you’ll also find relief with the Dr. AirPick. The company says its cleansing system removes pollen and other allergic particles, improving your breathing and quality of life.

Deodorize indoor spaces with the Dr. AirPick

Unpleasant smells are a real issue for some homes. And it may be that your space doesn’t circulate air well, so you’re stuck with the scent of your pet, trash, and other smells from daily life.

But you don’t have to put up with bad smells in your house. Equipped with unique technology, including the Zeus radical generator, a carbon multi-composite filter, and a plasma deodorizer, Dr. AirPick can reduce the stench in your home by 2 to 3 levels.

The company says that it has tested its innovative air purifier for deodorization. It placed both the Dr. AirPick in a glass box, then filled the box with ammonia.

With the deodorization mode switched on, this home gadget reduced the stench level to zero in just a short period.

Learn more about Dr. safeBreath Technology

This device’s Dr. safeBreath Technology happens in 3 stages: carbon multi-compositefilter, Zeus radical generator, and plasma deodorizer.

Let’s look at what happens at each stage.

Carbon Multi-Composite Filter

At the first stage of the air purification process, the device assesses your home’s indoor air quality. Then, it passes the air through the triple-layered carbon multi-composite filter, removing micro particles like dust.

Zeus Radical Generator

A proprietary technology developed by AirPick, the Zeus Radical Generator stirs the particles while the fan rotates. This combines oxygen ions with active hydrogen, creating a hydroperoxy radical.

This radical captures harmful particles and destroys their hydrogen bonds, purifying and deodorizing the area.

Plasma Deodorizer

Finally, the oxygen and ions are entangled, producing high-quality air through the plasma deodorizer.

Sleep easier with a quiet air purifier

Many air purifiers create a high level of noise. How can you get a good night’s sleep while a loud air purifier runs in your bedroom? This innovative air purifier, on the other hand, is quiet.

Its noise-canceling design produces just 30dB to 50dB, making about as much noise as a quiet library.

Go for a safe air purifier

The Dr. AirPick makes a safe addition to your home thanks to its harmless level of ozone. The Indiegogo page writes that we’re exposed to around 10 PPB to 20 PPB daily. This air purifier produces just 20 PPB.

That’s due to the device’s pulse drive waveform of discharge. It stabilizes discharge and keeps ozone emissions low.

Choose an easy-to-use air purifier

Finally, the Dr. AirPick is simple to use and offers plenty of flexibility. Choose from 3 levels of air power by pressing the air power button.

You can also set the device to rotate right or left or stand still with the air rotation buttons. And the Ion Emission function can also be turned on or off.

Read our verdict on the Dr. AirPick

If you’re looking for an air purifier that does it all, get the Dr. AirPick. Its sterilization, deodorization, dust-, and allergen-removing capabilities create an all-around healthier breathing environment.

What to help bring it to life? Preorder it for $75 on its Indiegogo campaign. What health gadgets for the home do you use? Tell us about them!

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