Press multiple rosin cycles without cleaning in between with the ROSINBOMB M60 rosin press

Produce your own rosin extract without the hassle using the ROSINBOMB M-60. It’s ready to use out of the box and lets you press continuously for a higher yield.

Scale up your rosin production with the ROSINBOMB M-60. This rosin extractor lets you easily and safely create high-quality essential oils at home. Even better, its patent-pending technology enables continuous pressing, so you don’t have to stop and scrape.

You want to increase your homemade rosin extract production, and who could blame you? This cannabis concentrate is free of solvents, resulting in a cleaner, purer taste.

Rosin is also more expensive than its solvent-laced counterparts, so it makes sense to produce it at home—for yourself or profit. And the ROSINBOMB M-60 is one of the best gadgets for doing that. Let’s check it out.

ROSINBOMB M-60 front view

What is rosin?

According to the company, rosin is one of the most popular extracts. It’s full of cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes. So it’s quite satisfying for concentrate fans. Even better, this extract is solventless, so you don’t have to worry about additional toxins or chemicals.

Moreover, the extract is ready immediately; the oil doesn’t require extra steps for purification or dilution. The overall process is easy, but when you’re producing commercially, you don’t want to stop and scrape the plates after every press.

ROSINBOMB M-60 plate

How should you press rosin?

It’s best to press rosin using a rosin press. The company writes that these machines are manufactured to press with a specific amount of heat to your kief, flower, or hash. Plus, high-quality presses have adjustable settings, letting you play with your extraction to get the desired results.

Rosin presses have 2 heated plates where you place filter material. The machine then presses downward to create rosin extracts. It’s an easy, safe, and reliable way to make premium quality rosin.

ROSINBOMB M-60 close up

Why choose this rosin press?

What makes the ROSINBOMB M-60 stand out is its ability to press continuously. It utilizes the company’s patent-pending Flow Channel TechnologyTM, with diamond-hard coated press plates to make stopping and scrapping a thing of the past.

In fact, this rosin press delivers over 6,000 pounds of force with each press and crushes up to 15 grams of material per press, depending on density.

ROSINBOMB M-60 front and side view

Is the ROSINBOMB M-60 easy to use?

The great thing about the ROSINBOMB M-60 is that this fully electric machine is ready to go out of the box. Simply plug it in, allow it to heat, and press your rosin with just a push of a button. There are no air compressors, or manual hand pumps to install or fiddle with.

This way, you can spend your time producing more rosin and growing your business instead of figuring out how the machine works.

What kind of controls does this essential oil press have?

ROSINBOMB M-60 in a video

This rosin extractor has adjustable controls you can play with as you press. Just use the temperature control display and electric press buttons to adjust the temperature and pressure to your taste.

What rosin yield can you expect?

The company estimates that 10–15g material pressing at a 15-20% yield should produce about a 2-3 gram concentrate for this particular press. So 30 presses per hour should result in a 60-90 gram concentrate each hour.

Of course, the company specifies that these numbers are estimates and that yield depends on various factors, including the material quality, pressing temperature, type and size of pressing bags, and more.

Is this essential oil extractor suited for industrial use?

Out of all the presses in the ROSINBOMB line, the ROSINBOM M-60 is the best suited for commercial use. It’s a powerful machine that can produce 6,000 pounds of pressure.

Furthermore, the non-stick coated plates and Flow Channel Technology enable it to continuously produce 60-90 grams of rosin extract per hour. So it’s a pretty high-capacity machine.

Not only that, but the high-quality components make it durable and long lasting. It’s an excellent investment for rosin producers anywhere.

Is this machine large and noisy?

If you’re setting up your essential oil shop for the first time, or even if you’re an old pro, you likely wonder what noise and space impact this machine has.

The news is good. This rosin extractor works quietly since it doesn’t require noisy air compressors or manual cranks. Even better, the small footprint means you don’t have to dedicate much space to production.

See our final thoughts on the ROSINBOMB M-60

Experienced connoisseurs and beginners can enhance their business with the ROSINBOMB M-60. This high-quality machine helps you produce more rosin faster and more efficiently.

What’s more, the adjustable controls let you tailor press cycles to your specifications, helping you create your own flavors.

Buy it for $1,399 on the official website. What rosin gadgets have you used? Let us know about them in the comment section.

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