Philly fans need to put a cork in it

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The city of Philadelphia is rocking right now, and quite frankly, it’s a little sickening. Their beloved Phillies advanced to the NLCS Saturday night for the first time since 2010. The Eagles are the lone standing undefeated team in the NFL entering Week 6, and of course, the NBA is gearing up again, and you can’t get them to stop talking about the 76ers.

However, there is hope, and it comes from the Dallas Cowboys. Sure, for most of you, it’s a pick between the lesser of two evils. But all you’ve got to do is think back just a few years to how annoying the entire city of Philly was when the Eagles capped off the 2017 season by winning their only Super Bowl. Disgusting, right?

The good news heading into this big Sunday Night Football NFC East matchup is that Dallas has beaten Philadelphia the last three times they’ve played and seven out of the previous nine. These Cowboys also bring one of the best defenses in the NFL to Lincoln Financial Field for the first time in a long time.

Dallas’ defense hasn’t given up more than 19 points in five games this year, making them the only team to do so. This Cowboys defense has been stifling opponents, giving up just 14.4 points per game. They aren’t as highly-ranked in takeaways as last year, but the defense is a more complete unit.

Micah Parsons has become the NFL’s best weapon on defense and has 30 percent of Dallas’ sacks through five games with six. Those 20 sacks rank the Cowboys second in the league behind the 49ers. This Dallas defense in Dan Quinn’s second year as defensive coordinator is all about getting to the quarterback, which they do more than almost any other team. Opposing offenses are so worried about Parsons getting to their QB that it’s opened things up for everyone else. Dorance Armstrong already has four sacks, and Demarcus Lawrence has three.

Philly also comes in toting one of the better defensive units in the league. The Eagles are giving up just 17.6ppg and are fourth in the NFL in total yards allowed. Besides their season opener against the Detroit Lions, which the Eagles won 38-35, this team has been dominant for the most part. Which is one more reason why they and their fans must be stopped at all costs.

Most of you think Cowboys fans are annoying, but you DO NOT want to get this Philly ball rolling with their mean-spirited fan base. The newest Cowboy, Jason Peters, knows this well and returns to play in Philly for the first time since leaving. Indeed, he’ll receive a “warm” welcome from the home crowd in Philadelphia. I don’t know about you, but the fan bases of teams that have won the least are usually the most obnoxious once they even sniff a few wins. That’s this Philly fan base all day, every day.

If the Eagles beat the Cowboys Sunday night, lord help us. Philadelphia’s following four games are against Pittsburgh, at Houston, home for Washington, and at Indianapolis. So, we could be talking about the 10-0 Eagles by Thanksgiving. Goodness gracious, that would suck.

Dallas’s key is not letting Jalen Hurts get outside the pocket and create plays with his legs. Even if he breaks the pocket looking to throw, that could be dangerous for Dallas. Hurts has improved as a passer from the pocket, but we know his ability to run can open things up and make it that much harder on defenses. I’ll take my chances keeping him in the pocket, and if he makes plays that way, so be it. Eagles running back Miles Sanders has also emerged as a threat ranking fourth in the league in rushing yards and fifth in yards per game.

On offense for the Cowboys, Cooper Rush needs to continue what he’s done in going 4-0 this year, and that’s not making mistakes. Let the defense and running game carry the team, and Rush makes a couple of plays when needed. It sounds simplistic, but that’s how Dallas has been winning and will continue to until Dak Prescott returns from injury. In all honesty, that should be the plan even when Prescott returns.

All that matters right now is that on October 16, the Dallas Cowboys put an end to all of this nonsensical Philly talk about winning championships. And here’s the good thing for all the Dallas haters who aren’t Philadelphia sports fans: Even if the Cowboys beat the Eagles, you know the likelihood of them cashing this in at the end of the season is unlikely. Should the Eagles continue down this winning path, there is a chance they could actually pay it off for some ungodly reason.

Nobody outside of the city of brotherly love wants that. So, let’s go, Cowboys; we’re begging you to please put an end to this madness and send every Philly fan at Lincoln Financial home with their tails tucked after a thorough ass-kicking.

By the way, Dallas will win, 23-20. Also, go Padres!


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