Petkit Pura Max smart cat litter box has a 76L large capacity design & smart odor control

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Give your kitty a large capacity bathroom with the Petkit Pura Max smart cat litter box. This gadget comes with a 76L large capacity design with smart odor control. Additionally, the lower and broader entrance makes it super cat-friendly. In fact, it has the capacity to store up to 15 days of cat waste at once. This cat litter box is actually perfect for cats weighing above 3.5lbs and older than 6 months. Other features include a smart spray for upgraded odor control. There’s an all-sealed waste drawer that will completely trap the odor. No more sticky poops or clumps; this cat litter box requires no scooping or mess. This cat litter box also comes with maximum safety by multiple guard. With real-time health tracking, this cat litter box is ideal for your feline friend in the house.


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