KEZ personal black box is a wearable with a biorhythm sensor and GPS-tracking feature

Stay apprised of your health—and the health of family members— with the KEZ personal black box. This smart wearable analyzes your situation, records surroundings in emergencies, and provides your GPS location in a time of need. In fact, with its built-in biosensor, it can measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature using biorhythm technology. Additionally, it measures your bio data 24/7, monitoring it so it recognizes if your numbers are abnormal or urgent. In those instances, it sends your data to a guardian of your choosing. This allows your guardian to take fast action and come to your aid. Designed to immediately function when the biorhythm reaches abnormal numbers, KEZ uses a patented algorithm. This technology distinguishes the difference between biorhythm changes, intense workouts, and emergency situations.

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