Standard Poker Co. 2.0 smart home poker sets have Bluetooth, RFID technology & more

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Update your tired old game with the Standard Poker Co. 2.0 smart home poker sets. Incorporating technology like Bluetooth and RFID, it comes with as many as 8 smart boards. Moreover, it comes with 300 RFID-enabled casino-quality poker chips in 5 colors and a ton of different designs. Additionally, it includes 2 decks of playing cards as well as aircraft-grade aluminum dealer and blind buttons. Every piece works with the smart app via Bluetooth for seamless gameplay. And it’s easy to play. As the host, you assemble your crew, invite players to a custom game on the app, and have everyone sync their smart board to the app. The app knows when players have made a bet, won, and need to shuffle or deal. It gives you all the simple game stats and pro-level betting calculations you need to know—all in real time.


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