‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera Missing After Bailing On Court-Appointed Rehab

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The search is on for Bam Margera. The Jackass star was reported missing by a Florida rehab center on Monday, June 13, the Delray Beach PD confirms to HollywoodLife. TMZ, who first reported that Bam, 42, had left the center, claims the pro skateboarder and TV star wasn’t happy with the venue’s services and “restrictions.” Bam was attending the facility under a court order, and the police report claimed that Bam told the rehab manager that he planned on checking himself into a different center in Florida before exiting a black sedan.

The facility’s staff was reportedly concerned that Bam left without authorization since he was reportedly under a court-issued order. Bam allegedly didn’t appear to be a danger to himself or others. The police did go looking for him, but so far, they haven’t been able to find the Viva La Bam star.

Bam Margera attends the 6th Annual Revolver Golden Gods Award Show (Shutterstock)

TMZ reports that Bam was currently staying at a sober living facility and recently got into an argument with his wife, Nicole Boyd. She filed for custody of their now 4-year-old son, Phoenix, in September 2021. Bam, per TMZ, did have issues with the limits and rules of the facility and decided to leave. Margera recently completed a year of substance abuse and addiction treatment and was doing well in his journey to get back on his feet.

Bam and Nicole have reconciled since that custody filing because Margera frequently shares pictures of him, Boyd, and their son having fun in the Sunshine State. Bam’s most recent social media post was an Instagram photo published on June 14. “MMA fighter, chiropractor, and ten years sober Dominick is my new AA sponsor,” Bam captioned the photo of him alongside a bearded man. He didn’t tag anyone; the only location he put on the post was “Florida.”

Bam Margera attends a special screening of “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” at the Sunshine Landmark Theater in New York (Shutterstock)

Three days before that, Bam shared a video of him purchasing a new car after his Range Rover and Bentley were both stolen. Bam’s right arm was in a cast, having broken his wrist in May “for the 10th time.” Bam refused painkillers, per the New York Post, likely due to the possibility of relapsing. The injury didn’t dull his attitude as he flipped the bird to the camera.

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