Insta360 X3 360º action camera improves creating & sharing content with 1/2″ 48 MP sensors

Grab yourself a gadget that’ll make the content you create shine: the Insta360 X3 360º action camera. Designed with content creation and sharing in mind, this camera has 1/2″ 48 MP sensors that give you impressive resolution and quality. Then, its 2.29” touchscreen has intuitive settings, and the 4 buttons are easy to navigate. Additionally, it lets you capture 5.7K 360 video using Active HDR and the Invisible Selfie Stick effect. Not only that, but you can also get 72 MP photos as well. Use Single-Lens Mode with ultra-wide 4K quality, and edit pictures using AI features in the Insta360 app. You can shoot in 360 degrees and reframe later if you want, getting a ton of different edits out of one shot. Furthermore, its 1,800 mAh battery keeps you going, and you can even grab captures 8K 360 timelapses!

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