iFixit Now Sells Google Pixel Genuine Replacement Parts

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Google and iFixit teamed up earlier this year to offer genuine replacement parts and repair guides for Google Pixel phones, with the goal of making self-repairs as easy as possible. Now the promised parts are available to purchase.

iFixit has now started selling genuine replacement components for all Google Pixel phones since the 2017 Pixel 2, including screens, batteries, charging ports, adhesives, and rear cameras. The company said in a blog post, “you can buy these parts alone or in our complete-solution Fix Kits, which come with everything you need to fix your phone, from our iOpener to get you inside, to genuine adhesive to seal everything back up. Either way, parts come backed by iFixit’s Lifetime Guarantee (on everything except batteries, which come with a 1-year warranty).”

Replacement parts for Pixel 6 on iFixit
iFixit products for Pixel 6

The new parts are available alongside the existing online guides for most types of repairs. iFixit and Google are also working to make parts and guides available soon after new models are released. The Google Pixel 6a will be released next month, and iFixit says “a full selection of Pixel 6a parts plus a full set of repair guides” will be available this fall. More parts will also be added to the store for existing models.

Google’s partnership with iFixit is part of the larger shift towards repairability in the tech industry — easy and cheap repairs mean fewer smartphones rotting away in landfills, which is much better for the planet. Apple’s long-awaited self-repair program launched in May, but that turned out to be something of a disaster, with simple screen and battery replacements requiring large rented machines and calls with remote technicians. Samsung and iFixit are working on a partnership to offer parts and updated repair guides, and Valve also teamed up with iFixit for Steam Deck repairs.

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