How to add project management support to Notion with a single template

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Jack Wallen shows you how to add quick project management to Notion with the help of a single template.

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Although Notion may not be a traditional project management tool, with the help of views and templates, it can certainly be expanded to cover that task. One such template that can seriously help with expanding Notion into this realm is aptly named Notion’s product management system. This template includes four basic components that are linked together:

  • Teams
  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Weekly Updates

Add those features to Notion and the platform suddenly becomes a viable project management solution.

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Before you get too excited, remember that it’s still Notion, so I wouldn’t expect this template to help you with very complex projects — especially at scale — but for small to mid-sized projects that aren’t overly complicated, this template could be a viable solution.

What you’ll need to add project management to Notion

The only thing you’ll need for this is a valid Notion account. You can achieve these steps from either the Notion web or desktop client. I’ll demonstrate via the web interface.

How to add the Product Management System template

The first thing to do is make sure you’re logged into your Notion account via the web browser. Once you’ve done that, point your browser to Notion’s Product Management System webpage. Once there, select the account you wish to duplicate the template into and click Duplicate Template (Figure A).

Figure A

Copying the template with a single click.
Copying the template with a single click.

Once the template has been added, it will open a new page to that template (Figure B).

Figure B

The new Notion template is in place and ready to go.
The new Notion template is in place and ready to go.

How to use the Product Management System template

Notion has done a great job with this template. When installed it will automatically populate with sample data, so you can very clearly see how it’s used. You can go through and delete entries, modify entries, add new entries, and even add new properties and groups. This is a very well-designed template that will have you managing projects or products with ease.

Let’s say you want to add a new group to the project. To do that, scroll to the bottom and click Add A Group. This will open a pop-up menu (Figure C) to reveal the different groups that can be added.

Figure C

Adding a new group to the template.
Adding a new group to the template.

Once you’ve added the new group, you can start filling in entries.

You will also find three different views available:

  • Projects by Team
  • Project Pipeline
  • Expected Rollouts

Hover your cursor over an entry to reveal an Open button. Once clicked you’ll see the details for the entry (Figure D).

Figure D

The details of the Database Quick Filters entry.
The details of the Database Quick Filters entry.

Besides it being such a great addition for project management, the best thing about this template is that there’s next to no learning curve. Because the developers and designers did such a good job of populating the template with sample data, you clearly can see what’s going on and can start working with it immediately.

If you’ve been looking for a way to more easily use Notion for project management, this one template might well be all you need.

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