FRENZ Brainband AI-powered headband by Earable uses deep science to enhance sleep

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Make your sleep routine even more organized and fruitful with the FRENZ Brainband AI-powered headband by Earable. This smart headband uses deep science to enhance sleep. In fact, it uses 7-in-1 sensing technology to make the process more functional. With features like personalized real-time stimulation and sounds for sleep-dome effects, this headband aims to make the process of falling asleep better and smarter at the same time. By using the feedback from nanofeedback signals, this headband can stimulate your brain. It also gives you better features such as an enhanced sleep report, precisely timed naps, and so much more. In fact, the headband also uses bone-conduction speakers and the power of nanofeedback signals to help you boost your focus when in work mode.

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