Flyte Keycaps Whiteish Keycap Set includes 134 PBT keycaps with an XDA height profile

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Enhance your keyboard when you add the Flyte Keycaps Whiteish Keycap Set to it. Including 134 keycaps with replacements, this set uses top-notch PBT to ensure a rich feel and long-lasting design. Additionally, this high-quality construction produces keys that are about 1.5 millimeters thick. And they have an XDA height profile that you will enjoy. Moreover, with Cherry compatibility, this set works with all types of mechanical keyboards. Crafted through a hand-machining process, each and every one goes through inspection before it reaches you. Furthermore, they also go through a dye-sublimation printing process, which ensures great color and detail in the legends. With an oil-resistant design, they won’t fade or lose color over time. When it comes time to clean them, simply wipe them with a microfiber cloth.

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