AOHi Future Creative Power Cable custom-length USB-C cord lets you charge the way you want

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Get a gadget that’s not just another charging cable. The AOHi Future Creative Power Cable custom-length USB-C cord is a true game-changer for modern tech enthusiasts. In fact, it lets you charge your way with mix-and-match cables that let you quickly switch it up to achieve your ideal length. Additionally, 240 watts of lightning-fast power charges your devices on the fly. No matter what you need, it offers USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to Lightning connectivity options all in one set. Compatible with all kinds of phones, tablets, laptops, and much more, it delivers PD3.1 fast charging. Moreover, it provides up to 240W charging and incredible durability. With MFi certification, this super compatible gadget also has a protective silicone case so it keeps your pocket or backpack tidy. Overall, it blends unique aesthetics with convenience for everyday carrying.

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