8 Customer Experience Hacks to Follow during COVID-19

8 Customer Experience Hacks to Follow during COVID-19

Customer experience is contagious. Agreed?

The way brands treat customers during uncertainties shows how much they care about them and what level they can go to support them.

We all are poorly affected by the pandemic that started in March, and we see no end to this rampant COVID-19 virus outbreak. The world’s economy looks shagged out, offices are shut-down, the education system is in turmoil, and all our lives cramped to the confines to the four walls of our houses.

While maintaining social distance and running minimalistic with tasks is possible, customers who have put their trust in their brands, expect more in return. Socio-economic barriers have made it almost difficult to communicate with customers. Despite all this outcry, brands have to continue to focus on their customers and provide top-level customer experience management.

8 Customer Experience Hacks

To provide a delightfully customer experience and go beyond the normal process, here are a few hacks to consider.

  1. Set-up personalized phone consultation

    When a prospect signs up with your company for a new product or service, they expect a fair welcome. Generally, it begins by sending them a personalized email from a real person telling them everything about the brand, what they do, and how the product/service is useful. 

    If you can also set-up a personalized phone call or request a demo option, it will help the customer to speak with someone and understand things better. If the customer is busy, give them the possibility of an online chat with a live person. 

    Even if the customer doesn’t want to pursue this now, it will still create a positive experience. Knowing that the company has placed a particular interest in improving their experience, it will go a long way in customer satisfaction.

  2. Fix problems before customers ask you

    If your customer service team is getting the same kind of queries repeatedly – brainstorm. Sit together with your team, and analyze the frequency of the question.

    Prepare a frequently asked question (FAQ) sheet, or add it to your website. If you don’t have the time to brainstorm, your market research team or analytics team can do it for you. 

    Even before customers ask, being ready with the solution is a great way to reduce the customer calling time.

  3. Set up customer behavior analytics

    At times, customers are not able to articulate the issue or are not vocal about it. In such cases, the customer service team has to probe a lot to identify the real problem. 

    The best way to know about your customer problem is by keeping track of their activities through a behavior-based analytical program and providing solutions according to that behavior.

    Such behavior-based activity helps respond to customers in real-time, proactive in sending immediate help, and offering excellent customer service. It also stops customer service rep from multiple reaches to the customer.

  4. Use in-app messaging

    Emails are undoubtedly the best way to stay in touch with customers and put them back to the flow. But what about times when customers are not expecting your email in their inbox?. Despite personalization, emails at times are a complete turnoff and out of context.

    Moreover, blasting customers with triggered emails will only distract them from their daily tasks, and they may unsubscribe you.

    If you leverage the content used in an email to an in-app dynamic messaging system, it will create a more structured and balanced customer experience; In-app messages are timely, engaging, and quick in conversion.

  5. Ask for feedback

    The best way to know about your customers is through feedback. A robust feedback system lets your customers open up and share what’s going well and what’s not working. 

    A robust and intuitive customer experience platform allows you to screen the data, make analysis, and convert raw data into meaningful insights.

    With the right information, brands can work on making better products, creating innovative solutions, and improving customer service. All this makes the customer feel respected and valued.

  6. Make your customer famous

    Every brand has power-users who show complete submission and loyalty to the brand. They would have countless interactions and know the brand in and out.

    Take the time to recognize such power-users with their permission and post it on social media, website, and other platforms. We all like receiving appreciation in public, and bringing your user to the limelight is a great way to make them a brand ambassador and build a secure connection with them.

    To other users, it demonstrates a sense of customer centricity and goes a long way in building a community safe for new users.

  7. Send a handwritten note

    In this digital world, where people connect online, try a handwritten note. A handwritten note creates a personalized experience for the customer. It can be a simple thank you note or gratitude for account renewal. 

    Many companies do not use handwritten notes, but brands who do it have won their customers many more times.

    You can create personalized notes and integrate them into your current CRM systems. You can match the records against the name and schedule it. It’s an effective way to boost customer morale.

  8. Fix your website sign up forms

    Nothing is as high as making things available and evident to the users who visit your website for the second or third time. Similarly, a lengthy sign-up or a demo request form can make your users run in the opposite direction.

    Make your website quick and easy for users to navigate through different pages easily and make things easily accessible rather than hiding them under multiple pages. The same with forms – create a form with information that will let you know the user better.

    Please give them the option to accept cookies, so you save their preferences the next time they visit. Alternatively, create more customized & efficient forms that will make customer experience remarkable.

Final Thoughts

Due to this pandemic, customers are already in stress, and you don’t want to add more to the pressure. Customer experience is about giving your customers what they want, make them feel good, and providing a human touch to all their queries or problems. Keep track of how your product or service saves your customers’ lives and seek opportunities to maximize those benefits. Always keep an open-door policy for the customers to report incidents and provide timely feedback.