6 Professional Chartered Accountants in UAE

6 Professional Chartered Accountants in UAE

Financial management is very important for both individuals and businesses of all scales. While keeping track of your expenses and investments may seem like a small task, it can be easy to miss out on the finer details without any professional experience. Also, it is a good idea to consult an external party to manage your expenses and investments better. Chartered accountants are the best for this. Dubai chartered accountants can help you keep track of your finances, investment portfolio, income declaration, tax filing, and much more. 

Finding a chartered accountant to your liking can be quite hard, so we have taken the onus of listing some of the best names in the business for you. We hope it will help you on your way to better financial planning. 

9 Best Chartered Accountants in UAE

  • Puthran Chartered Accountants 

    Puthran Chartered Accountants is a 30+-year-old firm in UAE with a good reputation in the market. In this Dubai chartered accountant firm, every client is given individual attention with constant access to a professional/partner at all times. For every chartered accountant firm, it is important that they have working industrial knowledge along with expertise in finance. This is a very important value add for its clients. When you hire Puthran chartered accountants for your accounting needs, you get an experienced firm that has worked with all major brands in manufacturing, trading, shipping, retail, and healthcare. You can reach out to them for many services such as auditing, arbitration, business consulting, budgeting and forecasting, VAT, business valuation, and company formation assistance. 
  • NR Doshi 

    NR Doshi is one of the oldest and leading chartered accountant firms in Dubai. Having clocked a cool 34 years in the industry with an impeccable client profile, you will always go right by choosing this firm. The firm has a huge team with more than 10 partners overseeing the work every day. NR Doshi & Partners has offices in Dubai, JAFZA, SAIF Zone, RAK Free zone, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The company has always believed in transparency, ethical work, and customer service as the key to success. This has been proven true with the firm associating with more than 2500 clients. True to its reputation, NR Doshi gives you specialized service as per your industry and handles all your financial transactions with ease. Be it auditing or valuation or even taxation and consulting, NR Doshi’s services are matched to none. 
  • SZCA Chartered Accountants 

    SZCA Chartered accountant is a firm providing end-to-end financial and business consultancies to all small and medium scale businesses in the UAE. The firm is dedicated to providing customized and personalized service to all of its clients. Some of their services include accounting & bookkeeping, financial consultancy, VAT consultancy, dispute consultancy, company liquidation, company formation, and feasibility studies. An advantage of choosing SZCA Chartered Accountants is that they are certified by the government and will follow all the correct processes when it comes to government-related paperwork. SZCA Chartered Accountants will help you set up your company and keep an eye on all your finances, investments, and costs so that you can do your business without worrying about these things. 
  • Jaxa Chartered Accountants

    Jaxa Chartered Accountants is a firm of varied experience in financial planning and advisory for companies in different industries. This makes the company understand the different constraints in each industry and provide solutions to their clients accordingly. An ISO certified firm, the company has offices throughout the UAE such as Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, and SAIF zone. The firm follows international financial accounting standards and is proficient in auditing works, accounting, risk mitigation, risk assessment, taxation services, VAT services, payroll services, and business consultancy and advisory services. The company has gained a reputation for providing international service quality and is also a member of TIAG – An international society of chartered accountants. This makes them knowledgeable of different financial practices followed in different parts of the world. This knowledge proves valuable for clients who are looking to expand their business in other countries as well. 
  • BEHL, LAD & AL SAYEGH Chartered Accountants 

    A Dubai chartered account firm in today’s scenario goes much beyond financial management, taxation, and bookkeeping. They are one of the important parts of the evaluation process of business via internal and external audits. As the Dubai government is quite stern in such matters, you need the best chartered accountants to navigate the many regulations set up. BLS is quite an expert in this. BLS is certified by the Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC) to audit other businesses under the institution. The firm is also approved by the Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA) to audit project payments, escrow accounts, and RERA certified projects. All these factors are enough to exhibit the company’s competence in all financial matters but it is also noteworthy that the firm is ranked one of the top 15 firms in UAE for accounting and financial processes. You can hire them for all auditing, bookkeeping, accounting, evaluation, system review, forensic investigations, liquidation, and VAT services for your business. 
  • Saif Chartered Accountants 

    Saif Chartered Accountants was established in 1994 to provide financial and business advisory to small and medium scale businesses. The company provides different types of services such as auditing, VAT services, due diligence, taxation, feasibility analysis, liquidation, and business consulting. A firm with 25 years of experience in working with different types of companies and industries, the company has become well-versed in all types of financial and accounting models. Saif Chartered Accountants is also part of the international network of independent accounting and consulting firms in the world. The company aims to enhance the working model of small scale businesses to enable them to achieve their financial goals easily. Saif Chartered Accountants has offices located in Dubai, Sharjah, Hamriyah Free zone, RAK Free trade zone, and branch offices in London and Bangalore, India. 

Final Thoughts

Starting a new business or a new project is overwhelming in itself without the added pressure of maintaining perfect financial records. It is best to hire professionals and chartered accountant firms to handle this side of the business so that you can be productive in your business handlings. Finding an efficient Dubai chartered accountant company can be daunting, but we assure you that you cannot go wrong with the ones mentioned above.