9 Top Real Estate Agents to look for in Dubai

9 Top Real Estate Agents to look for in Dubai

Dubai has one of the most active real estate markets in the Middle East and ranks pretty high on the worldwide list too. Real estate agents are an essential piece of the puzzle in Dubai. They make the whole transaction look seamless but it can get quite tough without them. A real estate transaction in Dubai is quite complicated but Dubai real estate agents can help you sort it efficiently. Processes such as maintaining the property for show-around, background verification, payment collection, government paperwork, investment advice, and property listing is all handled by them to make your work easier. 

9 Best Real Estate Agents in Dubai

With the real estate market booming in Dubai, let us take a look at some of the best Dubai based real estate agents you should look for. 

  • 99 Real Estate Broker 

    The origin of the 99 real estate brokerage firm is that of construction and contracting firms. Having worked in Iran as a contractor and with 18 years of experience under its belt, the firm moved to Dubai. The move to Dubai was mainly to become real estate agents providing commercial services to Iranian and other nationalists looking to make investments in Dubai. For two to three decades, the firm has grown much beyond a simple brokerage firm. The company offers a wide range of services beyond brokering today. You can reach out to them for listing your property on their website or other platforms for selling or renting, managing your property in your absence, and for investment advice as well. 
  • Better Homes 

    Better homes is a name you will often find in the top Dubai real estate agents. The firm with almost 50 years of experience in Dubai’s real estate market handles all major real estate transactions such as commercial leasing, buying, selling, and other property investments as well. Run by an efficient team of 15-20 most professional agents, Better homes are known for their quality service and ethics in all transactions. Having handled most of the major real estate deals in Dubai right from the Palm to the Burj Khalifa, you can expect only the best from Better Homes. The team can help you with selling, leasing, buying, holiday homes rental, property management, and investment portfolio across Dubai. 
  • Bayut

    Bayut is one of the best real estate listing companies you can find in the UAE. They are one of the first tech-based companies in the real estate domain. The company has many agencies listed on its platforms and is a reliable source for all real estate queries. You can find the best real estate agents via Bayut for all your leasing, renting, and selling needs. Bayut is a UAE based firm and brings the advantage of understanding the various localities and communities in the country. You can also use Bayut to know the various localities in Dubai and finalize the best property for you. 
  • Cando Real Estate 

    A name that is part of the most trusted Dubai real estate agents, Cando real estate has been in the market for a long time now. Being one of the popular agencies in Dubai, it has agents in every locality and segment to provide the best of services to its clientele. The company offers a personalized choice of agents for each customer’s requirements such as location, budget, buying or selling, and listing requirements, etc. As they have a dedicated team to each vertical, you get the best expertise for all your real estate transactions. 
  • Black Arrow Real Estate

    Black Arrow Real estate is one of the Dubai real estate agencies that have partnerships with verified and reputed real estate developers in Dubai. The company deals in all kinds of real estate activities such as buying, selling, and leasing with a team of RERA certified agents. These agents can help you locate the best property for you and help you sell or lease your property for the best possible price. Black arrow real estate also acts as an investment advisor to all its clients applying its rich knowledge of the market and partnership with all major brands in the segment. 
  • Edwards and Towers

    Edwards and towers are known for their best value propositions for all parties involved in any real estate transaction. The firm has 15 years of experience in this field providing an array of services such as leasing and selling residential and commercial properties, RICS evaluation, and property management. The company has deployed many agents across Dubai to cater to their clientele efficiently. They have a firm grasp on the real estate market and get you the best possible offer on any deal. The company also has tied up with the tourism industry to generate revenue in the holiday homes business. 
  • Drehomes Real Estate

    Drehomes real estate was established in 2007 to revolutionize the Dubai real estate industry. 13 years later, they have made pretty good progress. Drehomes real estate can be depended on for an end-to-end for your real estate transactions. They guide the buyers and sellers alike on the best practices to be followed and take care of all processes such as listing, brokerage, and property management too. The company acts as an investment and management advisory and assists in property valuations as well. 
  • Dubai Real Estate

    Dubai real estate is a firm that works as an all-in construction and real estate body. Right from construction services to brokerage services, Dubai real estate does it all. Boasting of 40 years of experience, the firm is confident in being one of the top-rated Dubai real estate agents. You can work with them for leasing/selling requirements of residential and commercial properties, and various other investment opportunities. 
  • Emkay Properties 

    Emkay properties are a fairly new firm in the Dubai real estate market. However, in a short time, they have been around, Emkay properties have gained a lot of fame. Dealing with many major listings in Burj Khalifa, Palm, Dubai Marina, and Arabian ranches, Emkay properties are one of the most trustworthy brands today. You can contact them for all your property requirements in residential, commercial, and other freehold properties. Emkay properties provide investment advice and other property management services as well. 


Real estate agents can be a godsend to navigate the complicated and competitive real estate market of Dubai. Real estate agents no longer work as typical brokers but have started to expand their portfolio and provide many different and necessary services.