X Pick multi-effect guitar & bass pick lets you play without touching the strings

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Play your instrument without touching the strings when you have the X Pick multi-effect guitar & bass pick. Simply slap the electromagnetic fields! Offering the benefits of many items you usually have to buy separately, it’s not a magic gadget—it’s science. Made entirely of neodymium, which has extremely calibrated magnetism, it has a nickel-copper-nickel coating. And it has a final layer of epoxy resin or gold. This gives you just the right amount of grip and protects it from wear. With a thickness of only 2 mm, it has comfortably rounded sides that let it work as a slide. Moreover, it has an axial magnetization with 2 polarities above and below the magnet so it works on any type of pickup. Finally, the protective case has a transparent rubber interior to lock the pick in just the right spot, and the stand lets you display it anywhere.

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