WESN Forsta minimalist bifold Swedish leather wallet is designed to last you a lifetime

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Enjoy the legacy of Swedish leather in your everyday wallet with the The Forsta by WESN. This minimalist bi-fold Swedish leather wallet has a modern design with a heritage feel. Additionally, the slim design allows it to maintain a low profile no matter what’s inside. There are four carefully designed pockets, out of which two are partially covered in the front, and two behind. In fact, with this wallet, you can comfortably carry 1-16 cards. Called as the ‘Junk Drawer’, this part of the wallet boasts plenty of room for cash or coin. To top it all, the minimalistic design and material integrity is what makes this wallet one of a kind. This wallet is made from a single piece of Swedish Veg Tan Leather which is folded and then completed with two stitchings.

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