Warning as mum torn over whether to cut ‘rude’ daughter from holiday

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A mum has been warned she could “kill any relationship” she has with her daughter after sparking a debate over whether it would be wrong to leave the “rude” teenager behind while she and her other child go on holiday.

Many parents have piled into the debate, after she explained her dilema on a popular parenting forum

The mum-of-two was searching for advice after questioning whether leaving her 13-year-old at home with her dad and going on holiday with her older 16-year old daughter would be wrong, reports Hull Live.

In the post in which she titled “13-year-old nightmare”, the mum described the sticky situation she has found herself in. She said: “The 16-year-old is great, works hard at school, polite, responsible and generally a nice person.”

“On the other hand my 13-year -old is rude, lazy, aggressive and hard work. I really want to go on holiday this year but can’t afford to waste the money if (and it’s highly likely to happen) the 13-year-old ruins it with her attitude and starting arguments.”

She added: “Would it be wrong to leave her at home with her dad?” She said that, on the one hand, she doesn’t want to come across like she has “favourites” and doesn’t want her youngest daughter to feel “singled out” as she already labels herself as the “disappointment child”.

However the mum questions why she should have to “put her life on hold” because of the 13-year-old’s lack of control of “her mouth or her temper” as she is “exhausted by dealing with her attitude and issues constantly”. The mum-of-two concluded the post by asking others for some advice.

Many users took to the thread to share their views including one who said that leaving her at home would make the situation worse. They wrote: “She already describes herself as the disappointment child. By leaving her home you’re reinforcing that belief.”

“13 is a tricky age for sure, some sail through it others have a jolly hard time, making it hard for everyone around them. I’m afraid this is not something I would do”, the user continued.

Another parent said the mum would be wrong to leave her youngest daughter behind, saying: “The child is clearly screaming out for love and attention and support and you seem to be missing all these signs. Leaving her at home to be with your favourite daughter would most likely completely kill any relationship you have or could save.”

However not everyone agreed that it would be a bad decision to leave the 13-year-old at home. Another user said: “Not wrong at all. Have a great time! You deserve it. It will be a good lesson for her too.”

And another user agreed that the mum should leave her at home and also not “beat yourself over it either”. They added: “You’re not leaving her with strangers, she’s staying with HER father. Might be just what she needs…a good lesson indeed. A much needed wake up call.”

One commenter added to the thread to wonder if there was an underlying issue behind the 13-year-old behaving the way she does. They wrote: “There has to be a reason that your daughter is the way that she is. Have you tried to get to the bottom of things there? Is she having a tough time at school?”

Many other users of the parenting forum agreed that the mum-of-two should try get to the “bottom” of the issue and spend some “quality time” with both her children. They urged the parent not to compare her daughters too much.

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