Use your energy for playing, not retrieving balls, with this innovative tennis ball picker upper

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Love tennis but hate bending down to pick up the ball? The Touch Trap makes your life easier and saves your back with its innovative design.

Burn energy playing tennis, not running after the ball, when you have the Touch Trap. This innovative tennis ball picker upper makes retrieving your ball effortless and prevents injury to the back.

Touch Trap tennis ball picker upper in black

Tired of bending down, again and again, to pick up the tennis ball? The creator of the Touch Trap understands. He invented this tennis ball picker upper after seeing several friends injure their backs this way.

So he created a tennis accessory to eliminate the need to bend down to pick up the ball. He came up with the Touch Trap. It attaches to the bottom of a tennis racket while its claw-like design holds the ball without dropping it. Let’s check it out.

Touch Trap tennis ball picker upper product demo

Go for a tennis accessory that’s easy to use

If you play tennis, you likely want to start playing as soon as possible and not waste time adding an extra gadget to your racket. That won’t be an issue with this innovative tennis ball picker upper since it’s easy to install and remove.

Just attach the gadget to the end of your racket. From there, the claw-like shape easily picks up the ball and holds onto it ball until you remove it.

To remove it, simply push the Touch Trap off the end of your racket. That’s it. There’s nothing more you need to do to make picking up a tennis ball easier on your back.

Keep your back healthy with Touch Trap

Back injury can occur at any age, especially if you’re engaged in repetitive motion, like bending and reaching to pick up a stray ball.

This unique sports gadget saves your back since it spares you that motion. So whether you miss the ball or your opponent hits it out of bounds, you can stay upright and comfortable while retrieving it.

Touch Trap tennis ball picker upper with a tennis game setup

The Touch Trap is also great if you’re healing from a recent back injury, as it keeps your back straight and aligned. Meanwhile, you’ll have more fun playing since you won’t fatigue while playing your favorite sport.

Choose a tennis gadget that’s durable and versatile

Anytime you choose a sports accessory, you want to ensure it’s durable. After all, your gear should push the boundaries as far as you do, not fall apart after just a few uses.

Thankfully, the Touch Trap withstand heavy use. The brand says tennis players have tested the product and that it can handle thousands of pickups. The engineering process for this product took nearly 2 years to ensure its readiness for public use.

Use this tennis ball picker upper with any racket

Got a racket you can’t play without? Not to worry, this innovative tennis ball picker upper has a sturdy rubber bottom that expands to fit most tennis rackets.

So it’s likely that you can use this sports gadget with a racket you already own and are comfortable with. Unless your racket measures far outside standard racket regulations, you won’t have an issue.

Enjoy no change to your racket balance

Serious tennis players might be concerned about the Touch Trap affecting their racket’s balance and, thus, their game. According to the company, that won’t happen.

You can attach this tennis ball picker upper to your racket without affecting your game and play as you usually would. Your swing and balance won’t change.

Rely on the Touch Trap at any age

No age group is immune to back trouble. For that reason, the Touch Trap is a smart sports accessory for teens and beyond.

At any age, this helpful gadget eliminates the likelihood of a back injury due to picking up tennis balls. It also helps you have more fun while playing since you won’t overtire yourself picking up missed hits.

Read our verdict on the Touch Trap

So, should you buy the Touch Trap? If you play tennis, it’s a worthwhile purchase. Easy to install and remove, this sports accessory solves the hassle of bending down to pick up the tennis ball, reducing the likelihood of injury and making the game more enjoyable.

If you or someone you love is an avid tennis player, the Touch Trap is a no-brainer. Preorder it for $18 on Indiegogo. What sports gadgets do you use and love? Tell us about them!

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