Top games—Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night, Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road & more

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Spice up game night with these new Kickstarter games. From RPGs to solo games, it’s got something for any kind of tabletop gamer or group.

Does your RPG group have D & D fatigue? Maybe you can’t play another round of Scrabble with Aunt Trudy. If game night has become more chore like than fun, these new Kickstarter games can revitalize it.

Add a new supplement to your Blood & Justice games by backing Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night. It introduces your group to dozens of new villains with varying levels of criminality. There are plenty of tips for GMs and managing your characters.

Need a game the whole family can play? Pledge to Moku Tower’s Kickstarter campaign. It includes a set of hand-carved wooden rocks that players must stack and balance.

Inject game night with new fun when you go for any of these new Kickstarter games.

Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night

Blood & Justice Nocturne by Night
Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night promotional graphic

Want to add some evil villains to your Blood & Justice games? Then check out Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night, a new supplement. It features dozens of new villains, from street level-criminals to world-ending madmen.

These evildoers can be the focus of a whole story arc or just a 1-shot adventure. All, unfortunately, are formidable opponents. The Tips and Tactics help you manage your supervillains, give tips to GMs, and even offer suggestions on what to do if your hero crosses over and turns villainous too.

Preorder the hardcover books for $40.

Koriko: A Magical Year

Top games—Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night, Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road & more
Korikio: A Magical Year game illustration

It isn’t always easy to get friends together for a game night. A good solo game like Koriko: A Magical Year helps in those situations. A tarot-driven story game focusing on novice witches, it’s ideal for contemplative solo play and one of our favorite new Kickstarter games.

Inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service, the game centers on a teenage witch spending a year far from home in a new city, Koriko. To play, you’ll use the book, tarot cards, and dice tower to explore the city, improve your fortune, and meet strange citizens.

Reserve the hardback book, digital game, and more for about $31.07 on Kickstarter.

Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road

Historica Arcanum Empires of the Silk Road
Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road books

Want to try an alternative history? Then check out Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road.

The campaign offers 2 sourcebooks: the profession system and overhauled land travel, and plague mechanics.

As you play, you enter an alternate history universe where secrets lie just beyond humans’ understanding. With the sourcebooks, you’ll delve into timelines and explore aspects of an occult history, uncovering events that shaped humanity.

Reserve a hardcover edition for $49 on Kickstarter.


Top games—Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night, Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road & more
Tavrn logo

Maybe you love RPGs but have no one to play with. Tavrn can help. It’s a social media app for tabletop roleplaying games like D & D, Warhammer 40K, Pathfinder, and other games that interest you.

With it, you can form groups with people who like to tell stories in the same ways as you. You create a profile, telling people whether you like to run or play the game, what systems you like to play, and what your game preferences are.

Then, you can explore other profiles to find people to play with locally or remotely.

Back it on Kickstarter for $25. This pledge gives you beta access to the game.

Moku Tower: The Endless Column

Top games—Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night, Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road & more
Moku Tower: The Endless Column game pieces

A great game for families, the Moku Tower: The Endless Column will have everyone flexing their dexterity skills while stacking handmade wooden rocks.

In this game, you live in a traditional village where astrologists study the cosmos each spring and get messages and challenges from the stars. According to legend, stacking rocks on endless columns is one of the tasks.

Enjoy the fast, challenging gameplay that draws in players of all ages. Meanwhile, the gorgeous hand-carved wooden rocks look great in any home. It’s one of the best new Kickstarter games right now.

Support this game for $66 on Kickstarter.

Age of Comics: The Golden Years

Age of Comics: The Golden Years video

If you like tabletop games with medium-light worker placement, consider the Age of Comics: The Golden Years. This game has you managing a fictional comic book publishing company in New York, during the golden age of comics, around 1938-1956.

As the head manager, you’ll encourage and lead your editors to hire artists and writers, develop new ideas and genres, publish new comic books, collect royalties, and more.

The game is played in 5 rounds. In each round, you place 1 of your 4 editor-meeples in the action spaces to complete tasks and create a comic book series. You win by being the player with the most victory points at the end of the 5 rounds.

Pledge $44 on Kickstarter for a Standard Edition of Age of Comics.

Which game should you choose?

There are so many great new Kickstarter games now that choosing one isn’t easy. Of course, it all depends on your game night preferences. If your group goes for RPGs, then Blood & Justice: Nocturne by Night and Historica Arcanum: The Silk Road are the obvious choices.

However, if you play with your family, Moku Tower and Age of Comics are ideal choices for playing with kids and extended family.

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