This stand charges both your Apple Watch and AirPods

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Get it for more than half off now with the Chargeworx Apple Watch & AirPods Charging Stand.

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If you’re working from home, you need to find ways to set up a productive home office. After all, in light of the new work-from-home movement, this might be your permanent place of work. At your old office, your desk was like a home away from home, with the perfect arrangements to help you do your best work while still feeling comfortable.

At home, you’ve got the comfort aspect down pat, but you still need to find ways to optimize your desk space. There is no shortage of great technology for remote workers, but sometimes the most innovative solutions are the simplest.

Take, for instance, this Chargeworx Apple Watch & AirPods Charging Stand. If you’re an Apple user, you’ll love having this handy stand on your desk to conveniently charge your Apple Watch and AirPods without taking up much space at all. The stand has a space-saving ergonomic design that can charge both the Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously to keep your desk clutter-free and organized without taking up an outlet from something else that could use it.

The portable stand is easy to pack up and take with you to the coffee shop or library, too. Anywhere you might need to recharge, you can break it out and give your devices a boost of power whenever you need. It’s durable enough to take on work trips and is built to last through repeated use. No more tangled wires and no more juggling multiple charging solutions in your bag while you work or travel.

Working from home is all about finding solutions to do your best work most efficiently. And yes, that includes keeping your devices charged. Right now, you can grab the Chargeworx Apple Watch & AirPods Charging Stand for 55% off $44 at just $19.99.

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