‘This is failure of leadership’ BBC host erupts at Network Rail chief in heated strike row

Mr Haines claimed to of done everything he could have done when questioned by journalist Amol Rajan about it being his job to keep UK railways running. The planned imposed national rail strikes are causing mass disruption for Britons across the country, as RMT Union workers protest for pay rises of up to 7 percent. Mr Haines claimed to of been negotiating with Government ministers for up to 18 months prior to the strikes. The Network Rail Chief claimed that if the true circumstances were revealed to the British public they would believe union staff had acted reasonably.

Mr Rajan said: “As you acknowledged at the start of this conversation which I am grateful for you’re doing millions of people listening to you now are facing utter misery today.

“Hospital appointments are going to be missed kids will be stressed, late getting to exams.

“You’re the boss of Network Rail, and have been for some time, your job is to keep the railways running, do you accept this is a failure of your leadership?”

Mr Haines told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Look when you’re in an industrial relations situation, the test is have you done everything that you possibly can.

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Mr Haines added: “And I think the fact that we’ve been negotiating for over 18 months, the fact that we put a credible offer on the table.

“The fact that if there were circumstances revealed to people, I think they would judge that we’ve acted utterly reasonably.

“I think those are the key facts in this circumstance.”

Britons all around the country are going to be affected by the strikes this week, causing widespread condemnation for rail workers.

Some people have been calling on Government ministers to take action to stop unions like RMT from causing mass disruptions in service crucial services such as rail.

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He added: “And there are a number of other technical changes we can make to union laws to make sure the public is always protected.”

Nothing has been confirmed yet but, Mr Shapps has acknowledged that new law changes would have to be made through primary and secondary legislation.

The British public who rely on public transport services in order to travel have been advised to stay home to work or to find alternative means of travel.

Some replacement bus services will be on offer for those who need them.

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