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Password Boss can store unlimited login details, with instant sync between devices. Get a lifetime subscription today for just $35.

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If you think about it, passwords are the bane of modern existence. With every login, you need to remember special codes and characters, and that simply can’t be done. Additionally, passwords often cause a problem for businesses. Your staff need access on a variety of devices, but you can’t afford to share login details via your company chat or other insecure channels.

That’s where a solution like Password Boss really comes in useful. This powerful password manager lets you store unlimited logins and share them securely. You would normally expect to pay $499.99 for Premium lifetime access, but in a special deal for TechRepublic readers, you can jump on this plan today for just $34.99.

If you’re running a business, maintaining security is pretty important. Quite apart from your own private data, any breach can reveal confidential information about your customers. Using a password manager is a smart way to protect your data, without compromising your workflow. And Password Boss is one of the best tools of this type.

Available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, this app lets you safely store all your usernames and passwords in one secure vault. Whenever you want to log in, you simply enter your master password, and the app does the rest.

On the Password Boss Premium plan, you can save unlimited usernames and passwords, and access them on unlimited devices. Two-step verification and 256-bit AES encryption ensures your data is kept locked down, and you can share your passwords securely with anyone you want — coworkers, family, friends and so on.

Order today for just $34.99 to get your lifetime Premium subscription, saving 93% on the regular price!

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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