‘Teen Mom’ Recap: Amber Portwood Loses Custody Of Son James As Jade Cline Gets Engaged

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We already knew Amber Portwood lost custody of son James, but when that moment finally played out during the Oct. 25 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, it still felt as though we heard the news for the first time. Our hearts broke for Amber, and her co-stars were just as shocked as we were when they first heard the news. But no one’s reaction tugged at our heartstrings more than that of Amber’s daughter, Leah, who said the court’s decision is “really unfair.” While talking to her dad, Gary Shirley, she further said, “My mom and James do have a really nice relationship. Something like I didn’t have with her. It’s unfair because all of her work that she’s gone through to even be here now — it’s like all for nothing.”

Gary told Leah that it’s not all for nothing, but she said it’ll feel that way. “It’s going to hit really hard and it’s unfair,” she explained. “It’s completely unfair. That bond is just going to be ripped.” Leah then said she reached out to her mom, after the news broke, to see if she was okay. “I did reach out to her the other day to ask her how she was, and I told her I loved her,” Leah said before admitting that she’ll miss her brother if he does move to California with his dad, Andrew Glennon. The new court ruling awarded Andrew full custody and the ability to move out of state with James. And since he’s from California, he previously told Amber he wanted to go back and take their son with him. “I don’t live with him like I live with Emily. But he’s still my brother, and I’m going to miss him a lot,” Leah told Gary.

Meanwhile, Sean Austin planned a big weekend for Jade Cline. He wanted to propose to her, so he had her best friend distract her with a plan for a girls’ night out. And once they got to their hotel, Sean was in a different suite prepping for his proposal. Jade thought she and her friend were going to stay in the suite, but the hotel said it needed some “repairs”, so they were put in another room. Once the “repairs” were done, they were told they could go up to the suite, and that’s when Jade realized Sean had taken over that room so he could decorate it and set up an elaborate proposal. He then got down on one knee, asked her to marry him, and she said yes in front of their friends and family.

Later, Catelynn Lowell worried that daughter Vaeda had hearing issues, so she and Tyler Baltierra took Vaeda to a doctor, who told them her hearing is fine. But the doctor did suggest they get her into some sort of speech therapy, but they felt it’d be best to wait and see what her teacher says about that.

Finally, Briana DeJesus decided to move out of her mom’s house, so she rented an apartment five minutes away. And surprisingly, her mom was okay with it — as long as Briana doesn’t ask a man to move in with her anytime soon. And Cheyenne Floyd finally underwent corrective plastic surgery.

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