Teak Smart Cube modular cube-shaped power outlet makes saving energy easy and rewarding

Save energy bills in style with the Teak Smart Cube modular cube-shaped power outlet. This power outlet has a clever, modular design. The cube-shaped modular layout makes its power outlets versatile, tidy, and space efficient. But what truly makes it stand out is the compatible software. The AI-based eMission Control learns from your usage, the local utility grid data, and then turns power on and off. This way, your can easily save energy and reduce carbon emissions on plugged-in electronics without disrupting yoru lifestyle. Additionally, it also guides you on ways to offset emissions, such as tree planting and eWaste recycling. The Teak Smart Cube comes in 3 options. These include Teak as a central power hub or 2 standalone smart plugs distributed in home.

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