Square FLÎKR Fire original rubbing alcohol fireplace adds fun to your winter setup

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Add more fun and aesthetics to your winter setup with the Square FLÎKR Fire original rubbing alcohol fireplace. This fireplace brings enjoyment into your home in the most accessible way possible. At a time, you just have to use 5 ounces of 70% or 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Additionally, this will give you roughly 50 minutes of burn time. In fact, this fireplace also provides soot only where the flame touches (in a ventilated area) along with no carbon monoxide and safe to cook over. While emitting a cozy warmth, this fireplace will not let you turn down your a/c. Since it is also safe to cook over, cooking s’mores will be more possible than ever before. If you want to turn it off or dress it up while not lit, you can also do so with the snuffing lid!


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