SEPTEM HUNT MINI rechargeable EDC flashlight also has a tiny little pry bar on one end

Use a small, powerful gadget: the SEPTEM HUNT MINI rechargeable EDC flashlight. With a tiny pry bar on the opposite end of the flashlight, it lets you open anything as you light your way. Not only that, but the pry bar also works as a flat-head screwdriver. Moreover, this USB Type-C rechargeable flashlight offers fast charging to 100% in just an hour. Additionally, its ternary lithium battery has a long runtime. And the Grade 5 titanium material has either a Polished Finish or Stonewashed Finish. Choose from 3 LED color options: white, UV, and Red. The Red provides better nighttime vision for stargazing, navigation, and reading. And the UV light verifies currency and IDs, while also protecting you with germ and fluid detection. With a built-in resistor to prevent overheating, this gadget is also easy to rotate when turning on/off and using the pry bar.

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