SCIO magnetic camera system for smartphones includes a camera, filters, and a magnetic cap

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Take your iPhone photography to the next level with the SCIO magnetic camera system for smartphones. This concept gadget includes a camera, filters, and a magnetic cap. So it has everything you need to transform your iPhone into a portable photography studio. In fact, the strong magnet array has 3 kg of pulling force on the camera body. What’s more, the magnetic filter system includes a large assortment of filters. There are neutral density filters, variable ND and polarizing filters, artistic gradient filters, and more. Moreover, 2 lens hoods let you set the right lighting conditions. And while the SCIO system can snap magnetically to a naked iPhone, there’s also a dedicated case for a secure attachment. Meanwhile, the entire system snaps together magnetically for easy use. Finally, SCIO charges using USB-C or Magsafe at the back, and there’s a standard tripod mount at the bottom of the camera.

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