Rokstone Agriculture reports first half-year results

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“We’re delighted by these results. We set the bar high back in March, but we’ve far exceeded all expectations,” said Eric Conklin, CEO of Rokstone Agriculture. “Until now, brokers in the US have been held hostage, with only one insurer in the market offering terms for broader livestock cover that includes core as well as niche risks. In just six months, we’ve successfully brought sorely needed capacity, choice, data insight and efficiency to the livestock market.

“It’s perhaps not surprising that we’ve taken the market by storm. We look forward to consolidating our position in the market as we become better established and over the next few months. We’ll be growing the team and broadening our appetite to bring the same choice and efficiencies to other niche areas of livestock business and in other territories.”

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Rokstone is one of the world’s largest MGAs, with offices in the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. it currently underwrites $750 million in gross written premium for several specialty lines, including marine, aviation, terrorism and political violence, direct and facultative property, treaty property, construction and engineering, liability, and agriculture.

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