ROCCAT Vulcan II Max optical gaming keyboard has Titan II optical mechanical switches

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Play competitive games quickly and easily with the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max optical gaming keyboard. Featuring Titanium II optical mechanical switches, you get smooth and instant actuation. This keyboard is ideal for games that demand precision, speed, and rapid presses. What’s more, the switches offer a quiet sound and have a 1.4 mm actuation distance. Then, the EZ functions offer 24 multi-function smart keys, each with a dedicated LED. And, with the AIMO illumination technology, you enjoy smooth and bright RGB lighting effects. Also, the Translucent Detachable Palm Rest keeps your wrists and palms comfortable for hours of play. Meanwhile, dedicated media controls make lowering or raising the volume a breeze. Additionally, you get onboard storage for up to 4 user profiles to share this keyboard with friends or family.

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